SAFE, CLEAN, Sustainability



Personal mobility service will reduce cars on the roads and impact our cities to a cleaner and safer environment. We are in a crisis where the air we breathe is filled with dust, smoke, and harmful pollution - and we believe Dart is the future mobility solution that can bring positive change to our environment.


DART’s on-demand service starts with a “Call System” where users can reserve Dart scooters by selecting the preferred time and place. Dart is working everyday to create innovative mobility services to our users and to place ourselves as the ideal mobility service brand that promises a variety of riding experiences and accessibility of our services to everyone at anytime.

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Through DART, your trip will be faster and definitely more fun. For a more desirable commuting experience, safety is a must. Please follow the traffic laws and always wear a helmet while riding. ※To ride a electric scooter, you must have a valid driver’s license.

Safety Tips

A smooth journey from beginning to end,
we will create an environment-friendly mobility culture.

I graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with my area of focus in Mobility and Transportation Design. Some of my experience includes a project sponsored by Genesis, Hyundai Motors and a first hand mobility and design experience at LUCID Motors in Silicone Valley. Working with future-mobility oriented projects naturally directed my interests into providing solutions for mobility and the first/last mile issues that we have today. Transportation is an important factor in our lives, therefore Dart was created - a service and experience that not only can provides users with a smooth journey from beginning to end but also is easily accessible for a utmost seamless user experience.
We are starting as a “comfortable-to-most but perfect-to-a-few” micro-mobility service that fills the gap that is absent in the current public transportation system.
Our main goal is to provide an accessible public transportation system for everyone. Our core values are focused on reducing carbon footprint and making a positive impact on our environment.
The name DART came from the very quick motion of a shot arrow - and on top of that, we’ve added value of a daily accessible ride-share transport service.


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